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Guidelines for Participants

All Oral presentations will take place in plenary sessions.

The introduction of the sessions is done by the chair(s) and are followed by the invited keynote speeches, which are meant to set the scene of the session and have a duration of maximum 10 minutes.

All oral presentations selected from the abstract submissions, and which are gathered in each session under the title “Case studies on the role of EO for ecosystem accounts”, will be a maximum of 5 – 6 minutes in length, and should include a final slide on EO challenges, opportunities and recommendations.

PPT template

A dedicated ppt conference template (in 16:9) in support of the presenters is available for download HERE.

For a smooth event flow, we would like to provide all presenters and participants with some house rules and definitions of roles within the Webex tool.

Webex Meeting PRO Instructions for all participants

  • Host/Co-host: Webex Session Organiser(s) have the full power in managing the meeting, can unmute/mute everyone, decides who can present, can change other attendees’ role.
  • Panelists/Speakers: the Speakers have full control for themselves, can mute/unmute and share to present the content;
  • Attendee: ALL the participants are joining in the session as attendee and they don’t have the possibility to mute/unmute themselves, unless it’s decided by the chair(s) of the session.

IMPORTANT rules to follow during the session; all the attendees are kindly requested to remain muted and switch off their video to ensure a smooth session flow.


Participants can interact at the end of each session when the discussion starts, via Webex chat panel:

  • if participants would like to make a question, they should write it in the chat panel and the chair of the session will read it out loud. Please use the following protocol to make your question to the presenter: @Name Last Name_presenter: Write your question?

During the Session(s):
The Session chair will conduct the session flow according to the agenda. We recommend the chair to advise the speaker when 1 minute is left, to keep the schedule.

At the end of each sub-session on “Case studies on the role of EO for ecosystem accounts” (which can vary from 20 to 45 mins approx.), there will be space for Questions and Answers. The Q&A will be led by the session chairs, where all attendees have the possibility to make questions through the chat panel in the WebEx (see above).

Each session will include some moderated discussions (which can vary from 10 to 45 mins approx. depending on the session). Instructions on how the moderated discussions will be conducted will be communicated by the session chairs during their session introduction.

This event will be recorded and the videos can be used for re-watch purposes related to the event. However, at the beginning of the Session, we suggest the chair to remind all the invited panellists, who should feel uncomfortable being recorded, to keep the video disabled during the entire Session.


ALL the speakers are requested to send their presentation(s) in pdf or ppt by Thursday 24 November 2022. In case you must make updates to your ppt, please provide it by Sunday 27 November 2022, to avoid any technical problems arising during the sessions.

All the presentations should be sent to

WebEx link to attend the workshop, will be provided to all registered participants upon their registration.

Please find attached some generic technical instructions for the Webex Platform for your information (how to download the sw, how to set up audio/video, how to connect) @